About me

For me, LDT has it all: learning, design & technology. 
Design is where my root is. I’ve been working in and around the field of design for a while now. Always searching for better ways to bring designerly way of thinking to everyday life for everyone. Along the way I realized that there is more designers can do in the realm of education, with a little help from technology.

What I love is bringing design thinking to the classrooms, seeing how it could change the way people think about themselves, their work and people around them. And how it might motivate and enhance learning in more meaningful ways.

I am also interested in bringing the process – not the final answer - to the foreground of every learning experience.  I am interested in how students arrive at their thoughts and how to crystalize the process using interactive multimedia technology.   
E-mail: jainkim[at]stanfordalumni[dot]org